Ace is a character in the Animal Crossing series. He is a villager who only appears in the early games. He is a bird with the jock personality. His catchphrase is his name,"Ace!" In Animal Crossing: Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf, Rod had Ace's catchphrase,"Ace!" Although this is not confirmed, this may be the reason why Ace didn't appear in Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf. It is unknown when is his birthday and what type of bird he is.

Appearance Edit


Ace's appearance in the early Animal Crossing games.

Ace has blue feathers, as he is a bird. It is unknown what type of bird he is, though. He initially wears a light blue tank with a blue spade on it. He has orange cheeks, and a yellow-orange beak. His eyes are half-closed.

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